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Specialized Warehouse Services & Logistics Services for All Your Storage & Distribution Needs

If you’re looking for warehouse services and distribution companies, look no further. For 22 years, Business America Services in Swanton, Vermont, has provided small and medium-sized companies located in the USA, Canada & around the world with warehousing, logistics, fulfillment, pick & pack services and more. Located just across the US / Canada border, close to Montreal and Quebec, we store your merchandise in our large US warehouse and prepare it to ship locally, nationally, and internationally. Some warehousing and distribution companies look at you as just a customer. We look at you as our partner and we grow when you grow.

US Address & Warehouse Services for Canadian Customers

To attract more customers, we advise our Canadian customers to have a US address for their businesses and put it on their website. Initially, your company ships your products from Canada or from your factory internationally, and we store the inventory in our warehouse. US consumers see you have a US address, which is comforting, and are more likely to purchase from you. When the consumer places an order for your products, we ship them from your US warehouse, which is us, to the customer.

Distribution Warehouse

Our distribution warehouse services center is secured with its own state-of-the-art security in place. It also has an in-house online system that calculates and tracks inventories and receiving orders. We also do not require a minimum amount in renting our distribution warehouse space.

Storage Facility

We store your merchandise by the skid or pallet for easy access. Depending on the requirements and space availability, we rent out some areas to our clients every week, month, or even a year. Most clients have their products shipped directly from a foreign country to our US warehouse for distribution. By warehousing and distributing from the US, you get large savings, quicker response time, and a certainty of control over your goods.

Pick, Pack and Ship

No matter how small or large the cargo that you want to be picked up, packed, and shipped, we can safely store items in our large warehouse. We have more than 50,000 square feet of space that is enough to meet your every need. For standardized items, we charge a fixed rate; an hourly rate applies for variable items. Our staff double-checks all orders to make sure everything is accounted for.

Custom Pick, Pack, and Ship

If you have specific requests that cannot be done by our normal “Pick, Pack, and Ship” procedures, we have custom services. Here, we deal with more detailed order selections, especially for unique items or when no two orders are the same.