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12  Reasons Why Canadians and International Companies Should Incorporate In The USA

If you are selling or would like to sell your products into the U.S. Market there are many advantages to get incorporated in the USA if you are a Canadian or an International company. Here are some of them:

  1. Inexpensive and Easy to get Incorporated.
  2. Personal Asset Protection (Liability Protection)
  3. Tax Flexibility
  4. Duty and Tarif Reduction
  5. Extremely Good Marketing Tool (Cdn Company sells to your U.S. company that sells to U.S. Consumer)
  6. Additional Creditability and Name Protection
  7. L1 and E2 Working Visa Available
  8. Permits you to open a U.S. Corporate Bank Account
  9. Permits you to open an account with Amazon.com
  10. Permits you to obtain lower U.S. shipping rates
  11. No State Corporate Income Taxes only Federal Income tax to pay.
  12. Only State Corporations are available. Federal are not available in the USA.
  13. Application form

To apply on line, you will need to fill up those 4 forms on line below:
  Application for Employer Identification Number, click here.
  Business Mail Forwarding Application, click here.
  Application for Delivery of Mail through Agent, click here.
  Application, click here.

The forms listed above require your physical signature.
Please print them Fill them out Sign them
You can then fax or scan and email the printed forms:
802-868-4113    info@basvt.com