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Shipping from US to Canada? Use our Kinek

Cross Border Package Pickup Service.

If you are shipping from U.S. to Canada you can save more with our cross border small package pickup service, especially if you live in Montreal, Quebec, and other cities in Canada. If you order products online from US suppliers, you can have them shipped to our U.S. address, which is close to the border in Swanton, Vermont. In doing so, you will save you money and it will be easier to pick up your items. Many U.S. suppliers do not charge shipping fees if the address is within the USA. Once your order arrives at our U.S. address, we send you an email to advise you that it is ready for pickup, or we can forward it to you. To get started you need to sign up to receive a Kinek number and Shipping Address.

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Kinek offers an easy and cost effective solution if shipping from the US to Canada. It is convenient, reasonably priced and essentially offers you a US delivery address to which you can ship small packages.

How Kinek Forwarding Works:

  1. Sign up on Kinek’s website and get your Kinek number.
  2. When ordering, use your name, Kinek number and Kinek point address as your delivery address.
  3. Wait for notification of delivery and come by to pick up your package or request our forwarding solution.