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Have no time to pickup your packages at a Kinek pickup point?

We will forward them directly to you in Canada.

If you prefer to have your packages shipped from the USA to Canada there are big savings with our cross border small package forwarding service. Many US suppliers do not charge for shipping if the address is within the USA or will not ship to Canada.

Quick and easy Steps

  1. Register with Kinek to obtain  your Kinek number and BAS shipping address. (If you already have a Kinek number you do not need to register again.)
  2. Order from your supplier  using your Kinek BAS shipping  information.
  3. Once your package arrives at our location a e-mail will be sent to you.
  4. Upon receipt of this e-mail from Kinek BAS  you can choose which forwarding solution
  5. Complete Package Forwarding Worksheet and forward to

Business America Services offers A FORWARDING SOLUTION to deliver your Kinek package:

STANDARD SERVICE: We will forward your package via USPS,UPS or Fedex . Kinek inbound fee per package is $5.00 outbound fee per shipment is $7.00 plus shipping. Duties and taxes are paid upon delivery of package. Click here to fill out the form for Standard Service.


How Kinek Forwarding Works:

  1. Sign up on Kinek’s website and get your Kinek number.
  2. When ordering, use your name, Kinek number and Kinek point address as your delivery address.
  3. Wait for notification of delivery and come by to pick up your package or request our forwarding solution.
  4. For forwarding, choose which solution you want from the choices below. (Yes, it is that easy.)
Click here to sign-up

Once you receive your e-mail from Kinek that your packages has arrived at Business America Services (BAS) you can then choose the forwarding service you prefer.